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Inaugural Vloggers Summit: Smashing Success!

Vloggers United!

This past Saturday marked the first ever mini Vloggers Summit at the World Center Hotel here in NYC. Myself and 10 other vloggers came together to share their tips and successes in order to help take each other, and the travel vlogger industry, to the next level. The turnout was impressive, the conversation was impactful and big ideas were generated.

Listening Hard or Hardly listening?

Listening Hard or Hardly listening?

Since traveling is in our nature, many didn’t hesitate to fly in from around the globe. We had Gariné Tcholakian from Toronto, Juliana Broste & Ryan Van Duzer from Colorado, Gareth Leonard from upstate New York and the rest came in from boroughs throughout NYC. We even had a slew of vloggers virtually attending via a Google Hangout. *Sidenote: sadly, Kate from Travels with Kate & Nate from World Wide Nate were held up at the airport given the Friday, November 1st terrifying shooting (Kate was in the terminal!).

Divas from History

Divas from History

Back at the summit, did I mention that costumes were mandatory? Being Halloween weekend and since vloggers tend to be an outgoing bunch, we all decided it was mandatory to attend in costume. This might sound more like play than work, but it actually was a focused afternoon, even if Frida Kahlo & Lady Gaga were interjecting past experiences.

Don't mess with Frida

Don’t mess with Frida

Our main goals were to determine how we measure our ROI/ROE when working with brands & PR firms. The question of how to value ourselves is always tough–but the sentiment in the room was that we are undervaluing ourselves. We also discussed tips for reaching new audiences and the potential of collaborations with each other and other brands. Personally, I felt the creative energy in the room was high and a lot of ideas were sparked for me and the other attendees. I am confident that creating this cohesive group will only serve to make us a stronger individually, which will have an impact on the industry as a whole. The ball has been set in motion by this summit! Thanks to all that attended and be on the lookout for more from the attendees listed below.

Mickela Mallozzi – Bare FeetTM @TravelBareFeet http://TravelBareFeet.com

Matt Stabile – The Expeditioner @TheExpeditioner http://www.theexpeditioner.com/

Ryan Van Duzer – Duzer TV @Duzer http://duzertv.com/

Courtney Scott – Travelocity @CourtScott http://courtneyscott.tv

Amanda Rogers – The Local Way @the_local_way http://www.thelocalway.tv/

Kelley Ferro – Tripfilms & Get Lost with Kelley Ferro @KelleyFerro http://www.kelleyferro.com/

Gareth Leonard – Tourist 2 Townie @Tourist2Townie http://www.tourist2townie.com/

Juliana Broste – Traveling Jules @TravelingJules http://www.travelingjules.com/

Gariné Tcholakian – Global Tourist TV @GlobalTouristTV http://www.damngoodreporter.com/

Patricia Serrano – Fresh Traveler @FreshTraveler http://freshtraveler.com/

Monica McCarthy @MissMMcCarthy http://www.showandtellstories.com/

 Virtual Attendees

Jade Broadus – Vagabond 3 (Los Angeles) @Vagabond3Live http://vagabond3.com/

Kiersten Rich – The Blonde Abroad (Los Angeles) @TheBlondeAbroad http://theblondeabroad.com/

Mike Corey – Kick the Grind (Toronto) @KickTheGrind http://www.kickthegrind.tv/

Kate Thomas – Travel With Kate (Los Angeles) @KateLThomas http://travelwithkate.com/

Cailin O’Neil – Travel Yourself (Halifax) @CailinOneil http://www.travelyourself.ca/