Travel Together in Manitoba with Kelley Ferro

The newest Travel Together series by USTOA and Kelley Ferro takes us on a tour to the polar bear capital of the world: Churchill, Manitoba. The adventure begins with a flight by private charter plane to the Lazy Bear Lodge, the home base for the trip. Other highlights of the trip with Tauck include eating delicious food, learning fascinating culture and history from local storytellers, and of course, coming face to face with the polar bears. Watch the videos, and you’ll be adding this arctic adventure to your bucket list in no time.

Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba is the province right in the center of Canada and it offers so much diversity, from the cultural offerings of its capital city of Winnipeg, to its dedication to preservation of the local native peoples & animals (POLAR BEARS!) up north in Churchill. Traveling here with Tauck opened my eyes to the founding of North America and the people that made it what it is today. And seeing the polar bears is a once in a lifetime experience!

Luxury on the Tundra

Yes, it might have been below zero outside, but our tour with Tauck made sure that we were comfortable—even out on the open tundra. Not only were our accommodations at the Lazy Bear Lodge charming & cozy, our days spent out looking for polar bears were just as comfortable on board heated, spacious tundra vehicles. Private charter buses & planes only heightened the ease of getting around and all the extras made this tour a cut above!

Food on the Tundra

Churchill, Manitoba is located up near the Arctic and it’s only accessible by plane or train. So you might think in the winter, the food couldn’t be that fresh. Actually, fresh foods are flown up daily to weekly and our tour with Tauck made sure we had the freshest greens and veggies up North. Also, the local game like elk, bison and venison as well as the arctic char are some of the world’s best. Eat up to keep warm in this gorgeously chilly landscape.

Tauck’s Exceptional Guides in Manitoba

To me, the people that you meet on a trip can make a good experience, great. On a group tour it is even more important to have great guides and on our tour with Tauck, we had some of the kindest, most knowledgeable, funny & flexible guides that ensure that our trip was educational, smoothly run and most of all, FUN!

Meet the Locals of Churchill

You’d think the weather of Churchill would dampen your spirits, but the locals that I met there were so warm, friendly and full of life, they made the snow covered city so welcoming. I met Myrtle, a Dene storyteller who spoke of how her people came & developed Churchill and the trading routes and I also met Wally, who started the cozy Lazy Bear Lodge. Dave Daley runs a dogsledding company and I’ve never had a more serene experience gliding over the snow and learning how he trains his animals. These are the faces of Churchill that I won’t soon forget!

Bucket List Adventure: Seeing the Polar Bears

Seeing the polar bears in person, in their natural habitat, is nothing like I can ever describe. Our adventure with tour operator Tauck, took us up to Churchill, Manitoba—the most remote place that I’ve ever been. However, polar bears seem to find it quite easily. Our tundra vehicles kept us warm and not only did we see polar bears, we interacted with them. Just watch!

[All video descriptions by filmmaker.]

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