Travel Together in Croatia with Kelley Ferro

Kelley Ferro and USTOA present a brand new video series on Croatia featuring an exciting way to discover this gorgeous European country: by bike. On her bike tour of Croatia with VBT Vacations, Kelley gets to know the local people, samples local products, and explores the beautiful beaches and charming towns along the coast and on the Dalmatian Islands. Watch the videos below to go along for the ride in Croatia. [Video descriptions by Kelley Ferro.]

Croatia Overview

It’s hard to sum up Croatia in one video, but this might give you a glimpse of how much this country has to offer. Rolling countrysides, exquisite islands, dynamic cities, beautiful people and equally beautiful food—we ventured to Istria, Split and the islands of Brac & Hvar. Here’s my experience of Croatia, with a side of biking, truffles and the Adriatic.

The Food of Croatia

OH the food. You will want to eat everything in this country and you should. The food is divine—from Istrian’s truffles, wines, olive oils and honeys, to the freshest fish straight from the sea in the islands and top end restaurants of Split. I devoured this country and was all the better for it.

The Locals of Croatia

The people of Croatia are generous and meeting some of the impressive locals like the olive oil makers, winemakers, fishermen and more gave the country a true personality.

Croatia’s Local Products

Croatia is fertile—it’s countryside is ripe with fruits, vegetables, grapes and olives, it’s forest filled with wild game and truffles and its seas teeming with the freshest fish. The islands boast stone used to build the palaces of the royals. Enjoy the local delights of Croatia with me.

Exploring Croatia

By bike, by foot, by boat or by car, there’s so much to explore in Croatia. Join me in our Croatia adventure.

Being Active in Croatia

My trip to Croatia with VBT Bicycling & Walking Vacations allowed me to enjoy all the joys of traveling, while being active at the same time. There are few things more gratifying than being your own transportation and gliding a bike over hills and valleys on the stunning Dalmatian Islands is hard to beat.

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