New TripVlogger Series: How To Shoot Smartphone Video

“There are a few simple things that one needs in order to make good travel videos. One is good sound, another is a tripod, and a third is an understanding of good composition and lighting,” says Gina DeGirolamo in her recent Twelve Travel Questions profile on the Tripfilms blog. In a new “How To” series for Tripfilms, she gives simple steps to follow in order to achieve these basic elements of quality filmmaking. Check out the videos below and start improving your own smartphone video when you’re out on the town.

Can You Hear Me: Recording Sound on Smartphone Video

In this episode of How to Shoot Video With your Smartphone by cinematographer Gina DeGirolamo, you will learn how to use an external mic to record great sound on a smartphone.

Why Is That So Dark? Setting Exposure on Smartphone Video 

In this episode of How To Shoot Great Video With Your Smartphone, cinematographer Gina DeGirolamo teaches you how to set your exposure.

Vertical Video No Way! Smartphone Video Tips

Filmmaker Gina DeGirolamo explains why you should never shoot video with your smartphone held vertically.

Why Use A Tripod? Smartphone Video Tips

Filmmaker Gina DeGirolamo discusses why and how to use a tripod for your smartphone videos.

For more filmmaking tips and travel tales from Gina DeGirolamo, check out the full Twelve Travel Questions interview here.


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