New TripVlogger Series: Travel Bites You in Phoenix, Arizona

The very funny team from Travel Bites You recently found themselves in Phoenix, Arizona on assignment for Tripfilms and what they found includes old Hollywood glamour, a rock star’s sports bar, horseback riding in the desert, and of course some tasty eats. Watch the videos and see for yourself. [Video descriptions by filmmaker.]

Top 5 Things To Do In Phoenix

A quick roundup of some of the things to do in Phoenix, Arizona besides visit your grandparents and get a sunburn.

Frybread in Phoenix

We travel on down to Phoenix for some local Frybread action.

Hollywood Style in Phoenix

In Scottsdale Arizona is an oasis resort that the hip have been flocking to since Natalie Wood was a newlywed and Bing Crosby was working on his short game. With its retro cool design and modern amenities, the Hotel Valley Ho is a fun place to bask in the sun or hide from it.

Phoenix Bites: Zuzu

Inside the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottadale, AZ, the Zuzu restaurant is making the desert bloom in your mouth. With locally sourced ingredients, they’re carving a niche for themselves in the greater Phoenix area as a fine dining destination.

Alice Cooper Owns A Sports Bar

Where the worlds of professional sports and hard rock collide, there lives a man, and that man’s name is a lady’s name—Alice Cooper. A deep fly ball from Chase Field, home of the Diamondbacks, and a few fast breaks from US Airways Center, where the Suns play, is Alice Cooperstown, a sports bar from the shock rocker behind ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’ and ‘School’s Out.’ The walls are covered in sports and music memorabilia and the TVs are always showing a game. It’s where your uncle Rick with the mullet wants to be buried.

This Horse Has A Name: Horseback Riding in Phoenix

We could have taken any number of forms of transportation through the Sonoran desert in Arizona, almost all of which would have been less dangerous to a novice than horseback riding. This video is either about a nice little outing with a wonderful guide or the beginning to our own horror movie.

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