You Can Now Watch Tripfilms Videos on Samsung SmartTVs

VTV_TripFilms_2 (1)

If you are lucky enough to have one of those fancy new Samsung SmartTVs, you’ll find a few dozen Tripfilms videos streaming on the “VTV” App. These connected TVs let users download apps to watch videos over the internet instead of only using the cable box to watch TV shows.

Connected TVs that can stream internet video make up a small fraction (about 10%) of the TVs that are in homes today, but this is going to increase as new devices like Google’s Chromecast, AppleTV, and Samsung’s SmartTV help more people watch web video content in the living room on their big screen TVs.

When we started the company 6+ years ago, we thought it would be amazing to have our own TV channel like The Travel Channel. While this isn’t our own TV channel, it’s easy to imagine how we could have our own internet TV App.  (We should start working on that one of these days!) We’re very excited because the videos look fantastic on these big screens and it’s another way travelers can discover Tripfilms.

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