TBEX Cancún Recap


Last week’s TBEX conference at Moon Palace in Cancún, Mexico was an exciting meeting of travel bloggers and vloggers along with other professionals in the travel industry in tourism, marketing, PR, social media, and community management. The opening keynote by Dr. Martha Honey addressed the crucial issue of the role that travel media have in promoting responsible and sustainable travel. Dozens of different breakout sessions throughout Friday and Saturday were led by talented travel professionals, from successful bloggers, travel writers, and filmmakers to social media experts and PR leaders. Familiar faces from Tripfilms were among those who presented, including Dave & Deb of The Planet D and Jade Broadus of Vagabond3It was thrilling to also see that many travelers are interested in creating more travel videos, and we hope to see many new uploads to Tripflms soon from our new friends!

Have you attended TBEX or another travel conference before? What was the experience like for you? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and you could be featured in a future Tripfilms blog post!

2 thoughts on “TBEX Cancún Recap

  1. Maria

    Everything sounds great! I’ve never attended TBEX or any travel conference but I’m going to TBEX Athens in Oct and I’m so excited about that! Hope to have a lot more to say after the event :)

    1. Jamie Christensen Post author

      That’s awesome, Maria! It was my first TBEX too and it was a great experience. Hope you have a marvelous time in Athens! Definitely let us know how it goes! :) – Jamie


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