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Music can be a powerful element of an inspiring and successful travel video. It’s important to us at Tripfilms that all the music featured in TripVlogger videos complies with legal requirements. For commissioned TripVlogger videos, we ask for a written note that indicates the source that was used for the music and confirms that does not violate any copyright laws. The following is a list of free and inexpensive sites that provide royalty-free music for filmmakers to use in videos. Many of these sites were recommended by other TripVloggers. We hope this list can be a useful resource. – Site requires paid subscription – Site requires paid subscription

This site shows a list of even more sites for royalty-free music:

One TripVlogger offered the reminder that each music site is different—some sites require a paid subscription while others ask for a one-time fee. “You’ll find a large variety of music sites out there, but my advice is to make sure you read the fine print!”

TripVloggers have also reported collaborating with composers or musicians to arrange original compositions for videos.

What’s your favorite source for the music in your videos? Did we miss your favorite music site? Add your favorite in the comments!

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