TripVlogger Video Style Guide


What makes a truly standout TripVlogger video? This is what we look for:

  • High quality, clear HD footage
  • Good, clear sound
  • Use only music where you have obtained rights (no copyrighted music please!)
  • Each video must have on-camera hosting or voiceover narration
  • Advanced editing skills
  • 1-2 minutes long (it can go a bit longer, but around 1 to 2 minutes is generally the sweet spot)
  • Focus on travel destinations and travel topics (activities, food, transportation, things to do, events, etc.)
  • Full of useful information for travelers
  • Not an overly personal travelogue or vacation diary

Our goal is that someone who is trying to plan a trip could watch a TripVlogger video and come away with useful information about the destination or topic that they could use to plan their trip. Likewise, someone who is looking to “armchair travel” should be able to watch a TripVlogger video and be inspired to visit the place.

Here are some exemplary TripVlogger videos to watch for inspiration:

For recommended video formats, compression guidelines, and other technical matters, check out our Filmmaker Tips.

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