Twelve Travel Questions with Ryan Van Duzer


Name: Ryan Van Duzer
Home Base: Boulder, Colorado
Last Trip: Honduras to visit the village where I worked in the Peace Corps
Next Trip: not sure….
Twitter: @duzer

1. What are three things you take on every trip?

I travel REALLY light, like one little backpack. But three items I always have are running shoes, video camera and electric shaver (not a fan of facial hair).

2. What is your best remedy for jet lag?

Jet Lag? What’s that? I just power through any sleepiness by being really active, like going for a run.

3. What is the first thing you do when you get to a new place?

Bounce on the bed!

4. What place has the best food? The worst food?

Best food is anywhere in Latin America, I’m a simple eater. A plate of beans and rice makes me a happy man. I once ate bugs to survive in Venezuela…that wasn’t so tasty.

5. What is one place that changed your outlook on life?

I was an exchange student in Sweden when I was 18 and this trip is what sparked my interest in the world. Until that point, I had barely traveled, not even in the U.S. From that point on, I have been hooked on traveling, and not just traveling but spending lots of time in countries so I can learn the language and really get to know a place.

6. What is your favorite travel quote?

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” – Emerson


7. Is there any music that inspires you to travel?

Any kind of street music that inspires spontaneous dance parties!

8. What is your craziest true travel story?

Oh boy I have a ton…I once had two Bot flies living in my arm for two months, Google ‘Bot Fly’ on Youtube and you’ll be extremely grossed out. Was robbed at machete point on a Guatemalan Volcano and lost all my camera gear, had a gun pulled on me in Honduras, oh yeah, and that one time I lived in the Venezuelan jungle for a month living off the land.

9. How do you think that travel videos can be useful to travelers, even if they aren’t filmmakers themselves?

Travel videos really allow someone to tell a unique story in their own special way…every travel filmmaker has their own style and something can be learned from everyone. Videos can teach you about dance, food, adventure…pretty much everything under the sun!

10. What is the goal/philosophy of your videos?

My goal is and has always been to inspire people to get ‘Out There’ and explore this beautiful world. That’s been my slogan ever since my cable access TV days in 2006. It doesn’t matter if you’re climbing a tree or climbing Mount Everest. My goal is to show people how accessible travel can be, and that there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

11. What advice do you have for someone who wants to make travel videos?

Make them in your own voice! This always leads to the most natural and genuine storytelling.

12. What is your best travel tip?

Just get out there and start moving…everything will take care of itself. It’s amazing how things always work when you’re on the road. You’ll meet new friends, have unforgettable experiences and be set for a life of fulfilling adventure.

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