Twelve Travel Questions with Wilfrid Duval


Name: Wilfrid Duval
Home Base: Paris (France)
Last Trip: South Korea
Next Trip: South Africa
Twitter: @willonboard

1. What are three things you take on every trip?

I always travel with my video camera, my compass and of course my wife.

2. What is your best remedy for jet lag?

In my opinion, the best way to get over jet lag is to be patient and wait for being okay with the local time.

3. What is the first thing you do when you get to a new place?

I eat local food to feel the country :)


4. What place has the best food? The worst food?

There is no place with best food or worst food, it is just a question of taste and luck (try to pick up the right restaurant) :)

5. What is one place that changed your outlook on life?

In fact, it is not a place that changed my outlook on life but travel did.

6. What is your favorite travel quote?

Travel broadens your mind.


7. Is there any music that inspires you to travel?

When I started travelling, I was always listening to one song : Lisztomania of Phoenix. I guess it still does the job.

8. What is your craziest true travel story?

A friend and I went on a safari in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. During a trek, the ranger was warning us that we could be watched by lions or cheetahs. We felt pretty excited about that and scared too. So we were trying not to make any noise. When suddenly, the ranger stopped us and told us to remain quiet. We did not know why. Then he pointed out 3 rhinoceros. They were so big, eating 200 meters away from us. Earlier the ranger had told us, in case of an animal attack, not to run away. The rhinoceros became more curious and started getting closer. We did not know what to do and where to hide. Then they ran faster and faster to us. The situation was really tricky. Fortunately, the ranger was used to that and shot 3 times in the air to stop the rhinoceros’ run and it worked. I still remember how fast my heart was beating.

9. How do you think that travel videos can be useful to travelers?

Travel videos give you a better idea of the visited place.


10. What is the goal/philosophy of your videos?

First of all, I film for myself, to watch again and again all those memories. But I also make videos to share my travel experiences with people because travel makes sense only if you can share it.

11. What advice do you have for someone who wants to make travel videos?

  • Choose the right video gear for your trip.
  • Don’t film every single moment of your trip. Try to pick up places with a special atmosphere or situations you really like.
  • Have no limit about what you want to film.

12. What is your best travel tip?

Be curious.

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