New TripVlogger Series: Italy with Nomadic Frames

Nomadic Frames live la dolce vita in this new TripVlogger series on Italy. From the country’s mouthwatering cuisine to some of its most iconic destinations, you’ll see why Italy is such a popular destination for travelers—it’s the fifth most-visited country in the world! Watch the videos below for an extraordinary overview of Venice, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, and, of course, Italy’s amazing food.

Eating Italy

There are many ways to experience Italy but we chose to do it via our mouths. Italian food every day all day for 30 days. More please.

Peaceful Venice

Venice, Italy is many things to different people but few can argue that it is not crowded with tourists. But there are less jam-packed neighborhoods and we spotlight one of them: Cannaregio, also known as the Jewish Ghetto. Come see where Venetians live and few tourists go.

Cinque Terre: The Five Lands

These five, small, medieval-period fishing villages clinging to rocky cliffs along the Mediterranean coastline on the Italian Riviera are a must see. Where else can you find pastel-hued houses perched upon one another beside tiered vineyards and stone towers perviously used as pirate lookout towers. Ferries, hiking trails and a 19th-century railway line cut through a series of coastal tunnels connect The UNESCO World Heritage carless towns.

Castles & Wine

There is no better place in Italy than Tuscany and within the wine country our favorite destination is the Chianti Classico. Do yourself a favor and carve out some time to enjoy as long a visit as possible.

[All video descriptions by the filmmaker.]