Travel Together in Brazil with Kelley Ferro

Kelley Ferro travels to Brazil in the latest Travel Together video series. On her trip with and USTOA, Kelley has the chance to live like a local as she explores Rio de Janeiro and Salvador with local Brazilian guides. Follow along as she tries classic Brazilian dishes like feijoada, acaraje, and açai and experiences exciting adventures in Chapada Diamantina National Park from hiking to spelunking. Watch the videos below for a taste of the passion and culture of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is as beautiful as it is cultural, and on our USTOA tour, we explored its peaks, beaches, historic neighborhoods, favelas and everything in between.

Bahia Culture

Bahia is a Brazilian state with an identity all it’s own. Salvador, it’s capital, has been the central port and thus a melting pot of this fusion culture. We explore the dance, the food, the art, the culture, and the charming towns through the people on this USTOA and experience.

Adventure in Brazil

Find adventure in Brazil.

Brazil: A Country Profile

Brazil is one of my favorite destinations—besides an incredible landscape, delicious food, unique traditions and vibrant cities, the PEOPLE of Brazil are just so alive. The energy is contagious—here’s a taste of it in our video.

Brazil’s Food

The culture of Brazil translates directly its food—each dish has a history, story and purpose. I loved the rich feijoada, the crispy acaraje, decadent churrascurias and of course, refreshing açai. Don’t miss the caipirinhas either!

[All video descriptions by filmmaker.]

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