Tripfilms TripVlogger Videos Now on Vessel

Tripfilms channel on Vessel

Tripfilms is excited to announce that the Tripfilms channel on Vessel went live today! This new channel will be a fantastic way to share high quality TripVlogger travel video content with new audiences on Vessel. Special thanks to Nomadic Frames for providing the Venice photo that you can see as the Tripfilms Vessel channel main cover art—it looks great!

Vessel launched earlier this year and is a subscription video-sharing website created by the founding CEO of Hulu. Vessel offers exclusive early access for subscribers. Starting with the channel launch today, new Tripfilms TripVlogger videos will be shown first exclusively on Vessel to subscribers for one week. After one week the videos will be released on Tripfilms and all other distribution partners and will be available to watch on Vessel for free. This exclusivity window will only affect TripVlogger videos that are produced by Tripfilms as paid TripVlogger assignments.

Only commissioned TripVlogger videos will be distributed on the Vessel channel. These are videos that are produced by Tripfilms and created as paid assignments by filmmakers in the Tripfilms community. You can tell that a video was made as part of a TripVlogger assignment because it shows the Tripfilms cloud logo at the beginning of the video. All other submissions uploaded to will continue to appear on Tripfilms as normal and will not appear on Vessel.

If you would like to apply for a TripVlogger assignment and get your videos on Vessel, click here. Offering paid assignments is one way we like to reward regular Tripfilms contributors, so you should have at least a few videos uploaded to Tripfilms before you apply, including at least one video in the TripVlogger style as a sample (see the TripVlogger Style Guide here).

Questions? We want to hear from you! Email Jamie: