New Short Film Inuit Explores Canada’s Baffin Island


Tripfilms is proud to feature the short film Inuit, filmed entirely on Sony Action Cameras. This film takes us to snow-covered Baffin Island, the largest island in Canada, and introduces us to the people who live there. These indigenous people have an incredible relationship with their land, one that has helped them to survive in this freezing environment for generations.


Filmmaker Duncan Winecoff said, “Filming in Baffin Island was very challenging considering the extreme conditions and rugged terrain. At one point, we were in -50F degrees with 60mph gusts head-on. If an inch of skin was showing, you felt it! We had to be extremely efficient. A high risk, high reward situation was kayaking in the polynya. Due to the tides, polynya’s never freeze over so they attract seals, polar bears and walrus. Before getting into the water to film, our guide told us, ‘If you see a walrus, run!!!’ Walrus are known to attack when challenged. Luckily, we didn’t. We were very vulnerable, and felt it.”​


Watch the new short film Inuit on Tripfilms here.