Travel Together in Saxony with Kelley Ferro

Kelley Ferro travels to Saxony, Germany in the latest Travel Together video series from USTOA. With USTOA member Avanti Destinations, Kelley explores both Saxony’s sophisticated cities and the stunning natural beauty of its countryside and castles. She quickly found out that Saxony had some surprises in store, from a white-knuckled race around the track at the Porsche factory to a taste of a giant pork knuckle in a traditional beer garden. Check out the videos below to experience the spirit of Saxony.

Overview of Saxony

This artistic, historic and stunningly beautiful Free State of Germany offers so much to see, do & eat in such a small area. From the Porsche factory to the Bastei Rocks, to the home of the nutcracker, Saxony surprised me at every turn.

The Food of Saxony

Giant steins of beer, massive pretzels and pork knuckles the size of your head—Saxony has the large German beer garden fare. However, Saxony also has fine dining, with Michelin starred restaurants and fine German rieslings. We sampled a little bit of all to discover Saxony’s food culture.

Arts & Culture of Saxony

This Free State of Germany is known throughout the world for its music, literature, art and architecture. From world famous composers, authors and artists, Saxony is brimming with spectacular arts & culture.

City Life in Saxony

We visited several of Saxony’s cities and each had it’s own personality. Dresden, the capital was historic and beautiful. Leipzig was young, hip and artsy and Gorlitz was charming and quaint. Experience Saxony’s cities with us.

Country Life in Saxony

The cities were really picturesque but it wasn’t till I explored outside of the towns that I was truly blown away by Saxony’s beauty. Impossibly green, rolling hills, wildflower fields and lazy rivers—I can see why Saxony is popular for it’s hiking, biking and outdoor pursuits. The Bastei Rocks was a particular highlight.

[All video descriptions by filmmaker.]

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