Work With Tripfilms Filmmakers

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Are you a member of a tourism board or a business looking for video content? is home to a vibrant community of travelers and filmmakers, and many of them are eager to work with you.

There are a few ways that can help you if you are looking for custom travel video content:

  • You can tell us about travel filmmaking opportunities, contests, or jobs that we may be able to post on our TripVlogger sponsored jobs page.
  • You can check out individual filmmaker profiles and let us help you get in touch with them for an assignment. For example, David Hoffmann of davidsbeenhere has shot hundreds of short travel features. You can check them out on his show page for Davidsbeenhere. David is based in Miami.
  • You can also browse Tripfilms filmmakers in our public Twitter list: Tripfilms Filmmakers.

Once you have created custom travel video content, you’ll want everyone to see your great videos. When you have videos that you would like to share, upload them to! Top videos are featured on our social media channels and our email newsletter every week. A selection of top videos are also distributed through MSN, USA Today, and Yahoo Screen. Uploading to is the perfect opportunity to expand your reach and get your videos seen by thousands of travel video fans.

If you would like to contact a particular filmmaker or would like referrals for filmmakers who may be based in your area, you can contact Tripfilms Community Manager Jamie Christensen at

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