UPLIFT: A Travel Show with a Purpose

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Tripfilms is proud to feature a sneak peek of UPLIFT, a new travel show by Barnabe Geis and Nisha Toomey. In UPLIFT, Barnabe and Nisha travel to discover countries and culture at the front lines of social and environmental challenges, meeting the entrepreneurs and innovators that are working on solutions.

To prove that there is an audience for this concept, the UPLIFT team raised funds with a Kickstarter campaign to cover production costs for the pilot episode. The Kickstarter campaign raised over 250% of its funding goal from 549 backers and attracted international media attention.

Now, UPLIFT is reaching out to producers and broadcasters to pitch the show to them. Barnabe says, “Negative sensationalism in news seems to be getting worse at a time when we actually have the means to solve many of the problems we face. But this will require a more optimistic outlook, empathy and a focus on creativity, collaboration and experimentation. The show aims to build empathy and inspire initiative.”

You can learn more about the show and about Barnabe and Nisha at www.upliftfilms.org. You can also support the show by following them on Facebook and helping to spread the word.

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