Featured TripVlogger Series: CalumTV in Sydney

Let Sydney local Calum show you around Australia’s famous harbor city. You’ll see the city by day, by night, and discover the best ways to get around.

Sydney In A Day

Experience Sydney in a day. This video contains quick locations to visit in Sydney, that won’t make you spend your whole day getting from place to place but still gives you the best of what Sydney has to offer.

Top 3 Must See Places In Sydney

Travelling to Sydney but not sure what to do or see? This video will solve that problem with my Top 3 Places in Sydney.

Getting Around In Sydney

Getting around in Sydney is not always easy. Throughout this video I will show you how to get around Sydney by catching buses, trains and ferries.

Sydney By Night

Sydney truly comes to life at night. Throughout this video you will see the top destinations to visit when looking for nightlife, food and entertainment.

[All video descriptions by filmmaker.]

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