Travel Experts Wanted for Fountain, a Q&A Live Video Chat App

Our friends at are building a network of experts to connect with people via video chat to answer questions and provide information in real time. We want to pass on this opportunity to the Travel Experts in the Tripfilms community. It could be a great way to earn cash and share your travel stories.

From Fountain:

Hi Tripfilms filmmakers! I have a cool opportunity to share with you about joining as an expert answering travel questions at $40 per 15 min question as they launch into the travel category.

Fountain connects consumers to experts over video chat, and experts are paid for their expertise. It’s different in that:

  • There’s no scheduling. You get a push notification when someone has a travel-related question during your hours of possible availability. This means no missed appointments on your side, and no need to block your calendar.
  • Consumers do not look through a directory of profiles. Instead the system understands natural language so questions/searches like “best steak in Buenos Aries” or “Should I rent and drive a scooter through Vietnam” are automatically routed to you. For example, if you wanted to ask the question “Where are the best beaches for families in the South of France?” you would be able to instantly speak to a journalist/traveler/local to can give you a personal recommendation.
  • It’s primarily mobile, rather than desktop, which makes it easy to take pictures and point the camera at whatever the consumer needs help with.

Check out Fountain on the App Store or watch a video. Right now most of the videos are focused on Home and Garden, but Fountain is currently working on recruiting Travel Experts to expand the Travel category.

If you are interested, please email Stew at

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