Travel Together in Cartagena with Kelley Ferro

The latest Travel Together journey with Kelley Ferro and USTOA takes us dancing in Cartagena, Colombia with Avanti Destinations. In this video series, Kelley explores this colonial city and its culture, food, nightlife, beaches, and shopping. From sea kayaking to joining a local Colombian family for dinner, she discovers plenty of things to do to experience the warmth and vibrant culture of Cartagena. Watch the videos below and find your own Colombian rhythm.

Cartagena, Colombia

A Colonial coastal city with history, culture and personality in spades, it’s easy to fall in love with Cartagena. What really makes it stand apart is it’s amazing local culture & tradition so come dive right in with me!

Nightlife in Cartagena

When in Cartagena, we dance! Come check out the local party atmosphere of this incredible city—from salsa lessons to party buses to dance halls—Cartagena knows how to heat up the night.

Cartagena: Day Trips

There’s plenty to do in the city but sometimes, you need a little R&R. I discovered that it’s easy to find incredible beaches like the ones in Manzanillo as well as jawdropping natural paradises on the Rosario Islands.

The Food of Cartagena

Food plays an integral role in the local life of Cartagena and I got a crash course in local cuisine from a chef. We explored the gritty and fascinating Bazurto Market, had a cooking lesson and then I hit up the old city to sample all the international flavors that come together to make Colombian cuisine.

Shopping in Cartagena

The streets of Cartagena are filled with crafts and local treasures, it’s easy to get your shopping on. Don’t miss Las Bovedas—a former prison that is now converted into shops with local crafts, souvenirs, coffees and more.

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