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New TripVlogger Series: The Oregon Coast

Discover the gorgeous and wild Oregon coast with Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell in this new TripVlogger series. While Oregon boasts plenty of natural beauty and rugged coastline, its towns like Newport, Florence, and Seaside also offer plenty to explore, from famous traditional seafood restaurants to promenades and recreation areas. Watch the videos below to get to know the Oregon Coast.

A Trip to the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is not your typical beach destination. In 1967, the Oregon Legislature passed the Oregon Beach Bill which made all land from the water up to sixteen vertical feet above the low tide mark along the Oregon coast public. For that reason, the coast remains wild and accessible.

A Trip to Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon features unique local restaurants, the Hatfield Science Center, Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, and much more.

A Trip to Florence, Oregon

Florence, Oregon is a quiet town with a local feel. The downtown area is charming, and the people are friendly. Florence is also the perfect place to explore the beaches and nature of the Oregon Coast. Florence is close to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area which is ideal for hikers, photographers, and off-road vehicle enthusiasts. A trip to Mo’s Restaurant is also in order. Mo’s is known by coast-goers as a classic lunch or dinner choice. They have locations all up and down the coast.

A Trip to Seaside, Oregon

Seaside, Oregon, features arcades, an indoor carousal, and a 1.5-mile long beach-side promenade. Off of Broadway St., is the historical marker for the end of the Lewis and Clark expedition trail.

[All video descriptions by the filmmaker.]