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Travel Together in Egypt with Kelley Ferro


Kelley Ferro and USTOA teamed up to create a mini-series on travel in Egypt with tour operator Abercrombie & Kent, and you can watch the videos now on Tripfilms! Abercrombie & Kent’s tours focus on local experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. Kelley says:

Egypt is one of those places that you just have to see in person to really believe. It was staggering how massive, intricate and well planned all the sites were, and even surprising was how warm and inviting all the local people were. Travelers often forget that the best moments on a trip are a laugh with a local, and I was able to meet so many on my incredible tour with US Tour Operator Association Member, Abercrombie & Kent.

Watching these videos, you can go Shopping in Egypt’s MarketsExplore Egypt’s CuisineCruise the Nile, and learn everything Egypt with expert Egyptologists. You’ll be dreaming your own pyramid dreams in no time.

Congratulations to the 2014 Trippy Awards Winners!


We had a fantastic Trippy Awards vote this year, with incredible nominees in each category. Our grand prize winners for Filmmaker of the Year 2014 are Cody and Giselle of Mindful Wanderlust. We can’t wait to see where they go! You can see the full list of winners here: Once again, we want to thank everyone who participated and voted in the Trippy Awards. You are the ones that make Tripfilms an inspiring and exciting community of travelers and creatives and we couldn’t do this without you! Thank you!

Filmmaker of the Year Award
Mindful Wanderlust

Host of the Year Award
Mindful Wanderlust

Best Travel Show Award
Mindful Wanderlust

Eye Candy Award: Best Imagery
Flying and Driving Jordan by goseewrite

Extreme Award: Best Adventure Video
Protests in Antalya Over the Death of Berkin Elvan by mindfulwanderlust

LOL Award: Funniest Video
Brooklyn’s Booziest Brunch Spots by SpencerP

Destination Profile Award: Best Destination Video
Arriving in Bhutan by mindfulwanderlust

Travel Bites Award: Best Food Video
Trying Durian for the First Time by CailinONeil

Better Than A Guidebook Award: Best Activity Video
The Ancient City of Assos, Turkey by Davidsbeenhere

Video of the Year
Mindful Wanderlust Year in Review by mindfulwanderlust

Two for the Road in Africa: Trippys 2013 Grand Prize Trip


Last year’s Filmmaker of the Year Trippy Award went to Nik and Dusty Green of Two for the Road. For their “Choose Your Own Adventure” Grand Prize trip, they decided to go to Africa! Now they are back with some spectacular videos from their incredible adventures.

Lion in Crater

We’ve dreamed of going on an African safari since we were kids. And believe us when we say, it’s all we ever imagined and so much more! Seeing the animals in their natural habitat is something we’ll always cherish. Definitely a dream come true!

Thanks again to Tripfilms! And of course all of you viewers for your much appreciated votes!


Nik and Dusty
Two for the Road


Watch the videos on Tripfilms now! 

Two for the Road Africa: Part 1
In their first-ever visit to Africa, Nik and Dusty travel to beautiful Tanzania for the safari adventure of a lifetime! In part one they meet their Safari guide, Joseph, and head out into the African wilds in search of amazing wildlife. Filmed as part of their 2013 Tripfilms “Filmmakers of the Year” award, with special thanks to Adventure Life and Tanzania Journeys.

Two for the Road Africa: Part 2
In part two of the series they head into the African bush to spend a day with a Maasai family, and learn about the fascinating lives of these nomadic people.

Two for the Road Africa: Part 3
In part three they travel to Lake Natron for a tent camping adventure in the African bush.

Two for the Road Africa: Part 4
In part four they head for the legendary Serengeti National Park in search of Africa’s majestic big game.

Two for the Road Africa: Part 5
In the fifth and final part of the series, Nik heads for Nairobi, Kenya, to check out a very special place called Amani Ya Juu, which is giving marginalized African women a new start on life.

Elephant in the Crater

Nik and Dusty also have some funny behind-the-scenes stories to share:

We were assaulted and robbed in Tanzania! …Well, sort of…

While on safari, Dusty and our Maasai guide Dennis hiked to a beautiful waterfall. As they were enjoying a nice cool dip in the pool, they noticed someone was throwing rocks at them. That someone ended up being several dozen baboons. Baboons that chased them down the canyon throwing rocks at them the whole time!

On our last day on safari, we stopped by a beautiful spot for lunch. Just as Nik opened her lunchbox, she felt a tap on her shoulder and quickly realized her sandwich was gone! A monkey had apparently been carefully watching for that exact moment to swoop in and steal her sandwich. He ran up into the tree and proceeded to eat the sandwich – except for the onions he threw down from the tree. Not a fan of onions I guess.

Moral of these two stories? Watch out for thieving, rock throwing monkeys in Tanzania :)

Baboons in Lake Manyara

Twelve Travel Questions with Andrew Kamphey


Name: Andrew Kamphey
Home Base: Los Angeles
Last Trip: Weekend in Las Vegas and a cruise—all in 10 days
Next Trip: Who knows?

1. What are three things you take on every trip? 

Toothbrush, extra underwear, brain.

2. What is your best remedy for jet lag? 

Embrace jet lag, wake up early, stay up late.

3. What is the first thing you do when you get to a new place? 

Walk around.

Vegan LA Snap 2

4. What place has the best food? The worst food? 

Best food abroad: Italy
Best food domestic: Los Angeles
Worst food: Mongolia

5. What is one place that changed your outlook on life? 

It might not have been one place but one time, driving from Chicago to Florida to board the first ship I worked on. It was January and I quite literally shed my jacket as I drove south to the port in Miami. Got on the ship, and two days later was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. First restaurant I saw was called “Chicago Burger.” Then I knew that Chicago was a state of mind, and here I was dripping in sweat and loving every minute of it.

6. What is your favorite travel quote? 

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

At the Beach

7. Is there any music that inspires you to travel?

Travel inspires music. Music festivals, and also finding record shops to browse in foreign countries. I have a small collection of albums from places I’ve been. Five-year-old singer in Chile, old Italian piano men, picked up a Pink Martini album in Spain.

8. What is your craziest true travel story?

Getting three days into a trip to the rural parts of Mongolia. Got to a lakeside village. My phone rings and it’s my friend telling me that if I’m not back in a day to get my visa to China, I won’t be able to stay. I took a 22-hour bus ride straight from there to U.B. and got to the embassy in time before they closed for a week, and then boarded a 16-hour train to the border to renew my visa. A 16-hour train ride back and I was good. Not to be locked up abroad for any visa troubles.

9. How do you think that travel videos can be useful to travelers, even if they aren’t filmmakers themselves?

Videos are the closest we can get right now to experiential forms of media. They can be kept for days, months, years, and watched and re-watched. I think travel videos are powerful on their own and also when combined with photos, words, and sounds. Google is doing a great job of combining all of these. I think we’ll see a new kind of travel video soon. Not sure what it’ll look like but I’m trying out new stuff all the time. copy

10. What is the goal/philosophy of your videos? 

Make your mouth water and open your eyes.

11. What advice do you have for someone who wants to make travel videos?

Find your voice, one way or another. Find the thing that nobody else can do, that nobody else would attempt to do, especially if it’s hard. And do it.

12. What is your best travel tip? 

Research, and know where your information is coming from. What kind of person, what their motives are. Take things with a grain of salt and in the end, explore a little more than you thought you would.

Watch travel videos by Andrew Kamphey here.


Presenting Your Trippy Awards Nominees for 2014!

Trippy nominees

We are thrilled to announce the nominees for the 2014 Trippy Awards. These awards honor some of the most gorgeous, funny, surprising, and travel inspired travel videos from the Tripfilms community of filmmakers. Check out the complete list of nominees below, then head to to vote for your favorites! Voting is open through July 21st.

Filmmaker of the Year Award
Mindful Wanderlust
Kelley Ferro
Gloria Powell
Cailin O’Neil
John Piazza and Jehiel Boner

Host of the Year Award
Gloria Powell
Mindful Wanderlust
Cailin O’Neil
Jehiel Boner

Best Travel Show Award
Two For The Road
Mindful Wanderlust
Traveling Jules

Eye Candy Award: Best Imagery
Parad[ice]land by krypto100
Coast of Arabia by BrandonL
Celestium by yeahfilms
A Weekend on the French Riviera by JohnPiazza
Flying and Driving Jordan by goseewrite

Extreme Award: Best Adventure Video
Turkey – Hipnotics Wakeboarding Cable Park by Khara
Rainforest Expeditions: Adventures in the Jungle by AlexinWanderland
A Week of Adventure in Steamboat Springs, CO by ACastle
Duzer Duz 2013 by duzer
Protests in Antalya Over the Death of Berkin Elvan by mindfulwanderlust

LOL Award: Funniest Video
DC’s Best Brunch Spots by Gloria_Pow
Celebrity Summit Cruise Director Interview by rboehmc
New York Comic Con (Part 1) by duaba
Brooklyn’s Booziest Brunch Spots by SpencerP
Duzer Duz Burning Man! by duzer

Destination Profile Award: Best Destination Video
Arriving in Bhutan by mindfulwanderlust
Must-See Sights in Philadelphia by JohnPiazza
Two for the Road: Panama City Beach by TwofortheRoad
Turkey – Things To See in Antalya by Khara
Dubrovnik in a Minute by CailinONeil

Travel Bites Award: Best Food Video
L.A.’s Most Murderous Chicken by TravelBite
Trying Durian for the First Time by CailinONeil
Spending a Day at Gelato University by ChasingTravel
DC’s Best International Food by Gloria_Pow
Franco’s Lounge by JohnPiazza

Better Than A Guidebook Award: Best Activity Video
Roadtrip #13 // Scenic Byway 12 by modern-atelier
Kerala’s Backwaters by gadabout
Washington DC’s Top 5 Things to Do and See by Gloria_Pow
Grand Ile. Strasbourg by JosepGuti
The Ancient City of Assos, Turkey by Davidsbeenhere

Video of the Year
Mindful Wanderlust Year in Review by mindfulwanderlust
Adventures in Panama by aendes
Good Morning, Budapest by JosepGuti
Jordan in Tilt Shift by goseewrite
Barcelona – The City of Dreams by JohnPiazza