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Happy Holidays from Tripfilms

Happy Holidays from Tripfilms

Happy Holidays from Tripfilms! Tripfilms was created as a place for everyone to share their travel videos from all over the world, and as the year comes to a close it’s a good time for us to look back and reflect on the awe-inspiring places and adventures we have experienced through the incredible videos shared by the Tripfilms community.

How many videos were uploaded?

1,280 videos uploaded so far in 2015, bringing total Tripfilms video library to 21,720 videos. Of those videos, 818 were HD editor’s picks. That’s a lot of high quality travel videos. Kudos to everyone who uploaded!

Where did our TripVloggers travel this year?

The TripVlogger program is a way for us to reward top Tripfilms contributors with paid video assignments. If you are uploading editor’s pick quality travel videos to Tripfilms, you could be eligible for a TripVlogger assignment! Click here to learn more about the TripVlogger program and apply.


This year, Tripfilms TripVloggers traveled to the Grand Canyon, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Toronto, Muskoka, Niagara Falls, San Diego, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Smugglers’ Notch, Laos, China, Sydney, Madrid, Cleveland, Cuba, Abu Dhabi, Alaska, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dallas, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Atlantic City, Malta, Cebu City, Hanoi, Phuket, Porto, Lisbon, Indonesia. And the videos they made were amazing!

How many new Tripfilms travel shows were created? 

32 new Tripfilms travel shows were created this year. You can watch them here!

Did we host the Trippy Awards this year?

You bet we did, and we were blown away by the quality of the videos nominated for the top awards. Congratulations again to Justin Plus Lauren for winning Filmmaker of the Year! Check out all the Trippy Awards 2015 winners here.

How many filmmakers were profiled on the blog?

We interviewed 27 filmmakers for the Twelve Travel Questions series this year. We also published the collected responses of 50 of these expert travelers for our Best of Tripfilms Twelve Travel Questions series. Find the links here.

Best of Tripfilms Twelve Travel Questions

How did we work with Tripfilms partners this year? 

We are always excited about partnerships that allow us to share Tripfilms travel videos with audiences beyond Our goal with these partnerships is to increase awareness of travel video and Tripfilms filmmakers in the travel community as well as among general audiences.

This year we continued to distribute top Tripfilms videos on MSN, USA Today, and Yahoo. In 2015 we also created new Tripfilms channels on Frequency, Vessel, and Amazon. You can read more about these partnerships here on the blog:

Last year, our wish list for partnerships included better attribution for filmmakers and better stats reporting from them on view counts. We now have attribution for filmmakers on all partner channels and our partners now provide metrics either through a dashboard or upon request. Remember that you still own and retain all rights to your videos when you upload to and you can continue to upload your videos anywhere else you choose. We hope that giving Tripfilms filmmakers the chance to get their videos distributed on these channels can help their videos reach even more people around the world and inspire others to travel.

How many times were we inspired by this beautiful world we live in that you shared with us through your travel videos?

Countless times.

We want to offer a sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone in the Tripfilms community—from all of the filmmakers to anyone who has ever watched a travel video on Tripfilms—thank you for sharing your world. We wish you very happy holidays and a happy new year! May your new year be full of new destinations, new friends, and even more travel adventures.

Why Upload Videos to Tripfilms?

why upload

At Tripfilms, we feature amazing travel videos uploaded by filmmakers around the world. Sharing your videos on Tripfilms is a way to connect and share your videos with a star-studded and marvelous community of travel filmmakers and travel video fans on, as well as to get the chance to have your videos more widely distributed on our media partner channels.

Thinking about uploading your own travel videos and joining the Tripfilms filmmaker community? Here are four reasons why you should upload your travel videos to

1. Travel videos inspire.

Your videos can inspire travelers and bring travel inspiration to people all over the world. Travel videos can “motivate, inspire and help organize. Travel videos are also just fun to watch especially on a destination you have recently visited, or are feeling nostalgic about,” says SPESUS. Filmmaker Justin Weiler says, “Videos have the magic ability to emotionally engage with an audience and it’s what we all seek when traveling, and to be able to share that with others is a real privilege.” Filmmaker Joshua Johnson says that travel videos are “inspiration—straight up. Travel videos can get you stoked and can be a catalyst for the journey.”

“Travel videos can give you insight to places you’ve never been but may have wanted to go to. They can even attract you to places you never thought you would ever venture. That’s what is great about being able to get different perspectives through travel videos. And some filmmakers have such unique experiences that they inspire us to revisit places we’ve seen already. That’s the dopest thing about travel film—motivating someone to explore.”  – Global Lipstick

You can find 50 more ways that travel videos help travelers here: Best of Tripfilms Twelve Travel Questions: What Travel Videos Can Do For You.

2. Reach a wide audience on and beyond.

When you upload your travel videos to, your video could be featured on our homepage. We constantly promote top videos and filmmakers on and on the Tripfilms blog, Facebook, Twitter, and in the weekly Tripfilms email newsletter. We have distribution agreements with MSN, Yahoo!, USA Today, Frequency, and Amazon that help Tripfilms videos be seen by an international general audience. And of course, uploading is 100% free, so it’s an easy way for you to get free promotion and distribution for your videos. You still own and retain all rights to your videos when you upload to and you can continue to upload your videos anywhere else you choose. You can find our full terms of service here:

One tip: your videos are more likely to be chosen as editor’s picks and shared with our media partners if they are HD and use only non-copyrighted, royalty-free music. Your videos will also have a better chance at being distributed if you remove any “click to subscribe” tags or similar scenes that don’t apply to or partner sites.

3. Earn rewards like Amazon gift cards and paid filmmaking assignments. 

Tripfilms has an awesome rewards program where you earn one point each time someone watches your video. Once you hit 1,000 views (1,000 points) you can redeem your points for a $25 Amazon gift card.

If you are interested in paid travel assignments, consider applying for a TripVlogger assignment. The TripVlogger program is a way for us to reward top Tripfilms contributors with paid assignments all over the world. All you have to do is continue uploading your amazing travel videos and then apply for a TripVlogger assignment here. We also occasionally reach out to filmmakers in the Tripfilms community to connect them with other paid commercial assignments.

Another great opportunity for travel filmmakers is sharing hotel video reviews on Hotel Confidential, our site for hotel video reviews. Next time you stay in a hotel when you travel, you can earn money for your short smartphone video reviews. Click here to learn more and sign up.

4. Become part of a vibrant community of travel filmmakers.  

By sharing your videos on Tripfilms, you are joining an active community of passionate travel filmmakers who are bringing the world’s most unique places and experiences to life. Our Twelve Travel Questions interview series profiles some of our top filmmakers so you can learn expert travel and filmmaking tips from people who know. When you like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@tripfilms) you’ll get regular doses of travel inspiration right in your newsfeed.

If you have any questions about Tripfilms or if you have any comments, suggestions, or other feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Email Tripfilms Community Manager Jamie at 

Hope to see your travel videos on Tripfilms soon! Click here to upload your travel videos.

Tripfilms TripVlogger Videos Now on Vessel

Tripfilms channel on Vessel

Tripfilms is excited to announce that the Tripfilms channel on Vessel went live today! This new channel will be a fantastic way to share high quality TripVlogger travel video content with new audiences on Vessel. Special thanks to Nomadic Frames for providing the Venice photo that you can see as the Tripfilms Vessel channel main cover art—it looks great!

Vessel launched earlier this year and is a subscription video-sharing website created by the founding CEO of Hulu. Vessel offers exclusive early access for subscribers. Starting with the channel launch today, new Tripfilms TripVlogger videos will be shown first exclusively on Vessel to subscribers for one week. After one week the videos will be released on Tripfilms and all other distribution partners and will be available to watch on Vessel for free. This exclusivity window will only affect TripVlogger videos that are produced by Tripfilms as paid TripVlogger assignments.

Only commissioned TripVlogger videos will be distributed on the Vessel channel. These are videos that are produced by Tripfilms and created as paid assignments by filmmakers in the Tripfilms community. You can tell that a video was made as part of a TripVlogger assignment because it shows the Tripfilms cloud logo at the beginning of the video. All other submissions uploaded to will continue to appear on Tripfilms as normal and will not appear on Vessel.

If you would like to apply for a TripVlogger assignment and get your videos on Vessel, click here. Offering paid assignments is one way we like to reward regular Tripfilms contributors, so you should have at least a few videos uploaded to Tripfilms before you apply, including at least one video in the TripVlogger style as a sample (see the TripVlogger Style Guide here).

Questions? We want to hear from you! Email Jamie:


Tripfilms Videos Featured on MSN Travel

Tripfilms Videos on MSN Travel

Tripfilms is proud to partner with MSN Travel to feature selected Tripfilms videos on the MSN Travel Video page. Only hand-selected editor’s pick HD videos will be distributed via MSN Travel and a byline is always given to the filmmaker in the video description. We are very excited about this partnership and hope that it helps increase awareness of travel video and Tripfilms filmmakers in the travel community as well as among general audiences.

To have a better chance of getting your videos featured on MSN Travel, remember the following guidelines for an editor’s pick video:

  1. Editor’s pick videos are relevant to travel destinations and travel topics like food, hotels, accommodations, activities, shows, and events.
  2. Editor’s pick videos are not explicit advertisements.
  3. A user would recognize the high quality footage that is clear and not shaky, and HD footage is required.
  4. A user would hear clear sound and or music.
  5. A user who is trying to plan a trip could watch an editor’s pick video and come away with useful information about the destination or topic that they could use to plan their trip.
  6. A user who is looking to “armchair travel” could watch an editor’s pick video and be inspired to visit the place.

Additionally, to be featured on MSN Travel, videos should not have a screen at the end of the video asking users to subscribe. However, showing your own brand logo or your website address is just fine, and could even help you grow your audience.

Get your videos featured on the MSN Travel Tripfilms channel—Upload your travel videos to today!

Tripfilms Videos Now on

Frequency demo

At Tripfilms, one of our goals is to help our community of travel filmmakers reach a wider audience with their excellent and inspiring travel videos. That’s why we get excited about partnerships that help us bring Tripfilms videos to new audiences. We are pleased to announce that Tripfilms videos can now be found on on a new media partner site, Frequency is a website that lets you “watch the internet.” The site gathers videos from Facebook, Twitter, and thousands of other participating websites, including Comedy Central, Food Network, Reddit, National Geographic and many more, and makes it easy to discover and watch streaming video channels.

The Tripfilms channel on Frequency will display a hand-selected feed of top HD editor’s picks from Clicking on the the source takes Frequency visitors back to that video’s page on You can find the Tripfilms channel on Frequency here:

Work With Tripfilms Filmmakers

photographer on shore

Are you a member of a tourism board or a business looking for video content? is home to a vibrant community of travelers and filmmakers, and many of them are eager to work with you.

There are a few ways that can help you if you are looking for custom travel video content:

  • You can tell us about travel filmmaking opportunities, contests, or jobs that we may be able to post on our TripVlogger sponsored jobs page.
  • You can check out individual filmmaker profiles and let us help you get in touch with them for an assignment. For example, David Hoffmann of davidsbeenhere has shot hundreds of short travel features. You can check them out on his show page for Davidsbeenhere. David is based in Miami.
  • You can also browse Tripfilms filmmakers in our public Twitter list: Tripfilms Filmmakers.

Once you have created custom travel video content, you’ll want everyone to see your great videos. When you have videos that you would like to share, upload them to! Top videos are featured on our social media channels and our email newsletter every week. A selection of top videos are also distributed through MSN, USA Today, and Yahoo Screen. Uploading to is the perfect opportunity to expand your reach and get your videos seen by thousands of travel video fans.

If you would like to contact a particular filmmaker or would like referrals for filmmakers who may be based in your area, you can contact Tripfilms Community Manager Jamie Christensen at

USA Today Travel Video Magazines Go Live


If you have an iPad and like food and wine, Caribbean travel, or all of the above, have we got news for you. USA Today Travel Experience presents the Food and Wine HD Video Magazine and Caribbean HD Video Magazine. Both HD Video Magazines are now available to download for free on the App Store.

These apps include featured articles, photo galleries, and videos, all brought to you in stunning high definition on your iPad. Go ahead and feast your eyes. Tripfilms videos and USA Today videos make these apps the only travel video magazines in the marketplace!

USA TODAY Experience Food and Wine HD Video Magazine
USA TODAY Experience Caribbean HD Video Magazine

You Can Now Watch Tripfilms Videos on Samsung SmartTVs

VTV_TripFilms_2 (1)

If you are lucky enough to have one of those fancy new Samsung SmartTVs, you’ll find a few dozen Tripfilms videos streaming on the “VTV” App. These connected TVs let users download apps to watch videos over the internet instead of only using the cable box to watch TV shows.

Connected TVs that can stream internet video make up a small fraction (about 10%) of the TVs that are in homes today, but this is going to increase as new devices like Google’s Chromecast, AppleTV, and Samsung’s SmartTV help more people watch web video content in the living room on their big screen TVs.

When we started the company 6+ years ago, we thought it would be amazing to have our own TV channel like The Travel Channel. While this isn’t our own TV channel, it’s easy to imagine how we could have our own internet TV App.  (We should start working on that one of these days!) We’re very excited because the videos look fantastic on these big screens and it’s another way travelers can discover Tripfilms.

Tripfilms Videos Featured in New Bing Travel App

tripfilms travel app screenshot

The incredible filmmakers in the Tripfilms community keep coming up with ways to prove that travel videos can be both an inspiration to travelers as well as an excellent resource for travel planning. That’s why we get excited about partnerships that give us an opportunity to bring Tripfilms videos to new audiences. We are happy to announce that Tripfilms will be providing video content for the newly updated Bing Travel App for Windows 8. This app provides a guide to over 2000 destinations worldwide, along with photos, panoramas, videos, information on flights and hotels, and links to dozens of useful travel websites.

You can download the Travel App here.

USA Today Cruise Experience Site Features Tripfilms Videos


USA Today has launched a new cruise travel site called “Experience Cruise” that is focused on helping people plan and research cruises. As you can see from the screenshot above, it’s a pretty stunning site!

We’re excited to report that the video section features a selection of Tripfilms videos that showcase some of the top cruise ports in the world. It makes us really proud when partners like USA Today highlight some of our amazing filmmakers and their work. Check out the videos on the videos section of the USAT Cruise Experience!